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EcoPan Radiant Panels, water

EcoPan is a range of radiant panel for installation in ceilings in commercial buildings, public buildings, sports halls mm. A ray flat mild steel is heated with water which radiates heat to the floor. Heat rays do not heat the air but objects that are made of steel. This gives a pleasant comfort and reduced costs for heating. With radiant heat, the air temperature in the room is reduced without compromising on comfort when the perceived temperature (operating temperature) will be higher than air temperature in the room. EcoPan supplied in standard lengths of 4 and 6 meters as assembled on site to long streets in the ceiling. They come with different widths, from 2 to 10 tubes, ½ "or ¾", the radiant surface. Typical normal power per. meter panel is from 250 to 600 watts, depending on model and water temperatures. EcoPan supplied with fixing detail and with insulation being rolled out on top of the panels. Our sales engineers are gladly at your disposal for calculating heating requirements of the building and advise on the design.